the Plan

web design • hosting • maintenance

The Plan is an all-inclusive web design, hosting & maintenance package that, for a small monthly fee, provides you and more importantly your customers, a beautiful and smart website that will thrive for years.

No large capital outlay.  No worring about software updates or security.  No worrying about whether someone will be able to help you should you need it.  We handle everything and we are always just an email, call or text away.

custom website design

We design websites specific to your needs and wants; no templates, no copies.  Modern and intuitive, not trendy; our websites provide users a great online experience.

managed private hosting

How you host your website affects the user experience, search rankings and reliability.  That's why we host our websites on our own powerful, fast, dedicated servers. 

ssl & advanced security

We incorporate multiple layers of security around all our websites on The Plan to help keep you, your business and your users safe from malicious online attacks.

" The attention to my project and uncanny ability to think outside the box freed me from so much stress and worry."

search engine optimization (seo)

We build with SEO in mind.  Using best practices we create a strong foundation that will easily allow you to supercharge your online presence with additional SEO efforts to improve search.

full backups

Better safe than sorry...  While it is uncommon that something goes wrong you can rest assured that we are prepared.  We do full backups of your website monthy, weekly, daily.

"I am very happy with my end product, but I am more thrilled with the level of service."


A website is a living breathing thing.  It needs care an attention more often than you think.  We continually monitor and update the backend software to make sure things run soothly.

cloudflare integration

Your website can never be too fast or too secure.  We integrate our own managed hosting with Cloudflare to take things to the next level and deliver your users a better experience.


We are a team of digital experts working hard to grow our business like you. We know the value of having support when you need it.  That's why you can always reach us; email, call or text and we will be there.

What does all this mean for you?

A professional custom website with reliability, speed, reach, security, quality... all at a manageable monthly rate.

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Why the Plan?

The Plan enables businesses and organization the ability to create a premium website without having large upfront costs.  For a small monthly fee you get a fully custom built website plus maintenance, powerful managed hosting, added security, data recovery and full support.

How much does it cost?

The monthly fee is calculated on the overall build cost.  Some are as little as $200 a month and as much as $800.  It just depends on the scope of your project.

Is there a contract?

Yes, there is a contract.  We want to provide clients with amazing websites that they might not normally consider building due to the upfront cost but we also need to make sure we are covering our butts.

Can I make changes to my website?

Absolutely.  We provide you your own login credentials to gain limited access to the Content Management System. Why limited access?  We want you to be able to make updates to your content, highlight specials and events, update inventory or just move a few things around but we need to make sure that everything continues to work as initially designed.

What is included with maintenance?

Something that many people forget to plan for is the ongoing maintenance of their website to ensure it continues to function correctly.  We handle all the software and plugin updates as necessary to ensure that everything is working.

Is there a referral plan?

We know you are going to be very happy with the Plan and most likely tell your friends and colleagues about it.  We think that deserves a reward.  For every referral you send IMCG Creative that signs up on The Plan, you will receive a $300 credit towards monthly payments.

Our custom website are just that, custom.  You won't have to choose from a list of pre-made web design templates and meaningless stock photos.
We build what you want... only better.